Extra Curricular Fun, you say?!

I thought I’d just write a short post to say why I think these posts are at all relevant to my Research in Practice.

Firstly, I think organising any events and being part of fundraising or gaining experience as a volunteer demonstrate what sort of person I am and give a well-rounded idea of what I do. If I want to write about my Research in Practice then it’s good for people to get a feel of why these things interest me.

I suppose it’s also gratuitous.

Ok, reflecting on what I’ve just written I’ve probably just lied. I like writing about the things I do because they are important to me. I blog for Mary Arden’s because I think it’s worth going to see it and I want people to experience the fun I have there and I want it to do well as a place. I like to share my Meet Up Group because I only have 9 people so far but I am really happy about it because it is something which I started and which brings people together who I can socialize with and go to gigs with which makes me happy. Bringing people together is a great feeling and I like that. I guess that’s why Arts Management attracted my interest. I’m always trying to organise people to do fun things. The Arts gives me the chance to do that for a day job!

Reviewing new venues is a way for me to encourage my brain to remember great places I went to and what gigs I saw. It’s good practice for writing copy too. I like writing newsletters and things. I won an award when I was younger, The W H Smith Young Writer’s Award ’95, and I think I owe it to little Alex to keep it up.

W H Smith Young Writer's Award Publication
W H Smith Young Writer’s Award Publication

It’s part of who I am. So that’s why I have, “Extra-curricular fun,” which I suppose, will be, “Professional experience,” when I graduate from my Masters course and have to write a CV of what I have actually done to suggest I would be good in an Arts and Project Management job!

Alex out.


Mary Arden’s Farm, Wilmcote, Warwickshire

Mary Arden’s Farm

I worked here last year and am a volunteer this year. We do a Living History and it’s a wonderful place for history and animal enthusiasts, kids and families. Here’s something I blogged on our Facebook page earlier this week:

What a lovely day it’s been on the farm. With the chickens, turkeys and geese out and about; the goats being halter-trained, the middens getting turned and the Tudor maids being trained in their pottage-making skills, the farm is really getting into gear for the season to start later this month!
Here are some pictures of the cows getting a bit of fuss from Mistress Rose, Shashika and the kids from Welcombe Hills who’ve been helping put fresh woodchip on the playground today!

New Hereford bull calf
New Hereford bull calf
New Gloucester calf

Bring on March 17th! Do check out the website for details about Mary Arden’s Farm! Loads of fun events and activities coming your way very soon!