Two new projects! Woohoo!


So I am feeling really positive about my internships this week because I met our venue people (who are doing quite a lot of the organising for the Storytelling Festival) and Sarah seems really practical and professional and seems keen to give me marketing stuff to do!


I’m helping with that and Graham said I can do the publicising for Pop-Up Storytelling so I’ve formulated a massive list of people to ask if they want us to come to their venue. I’ve already got an email back from someone who sounds really keen! So hopefully that’s in response to our product being good and the copy I wrote being persuasive. I’ve tweeted and Facebooked about the Pop-Up already but I’m just waiting for a response so I can put up info on the Website, too. I really think that will be a clincher in getting people interested.

Yesterday I went to New Art Gallery Walsall and I went down to the Archive (with Jo Digger!!-from the book I am reading. V. excited about that. She set up the whole Archive from the start of TNAGW!) and we discussed what we would put in the Festival of Good Things which Zoe said I can organise! If it goes well It will be great experience. I have already researched some hog roasts. It’s replicating another festival run by Kathleen Garman in 1967. This one will take place in August and it’s going to be a day of all sorts of stuff, workshops and things. Next week I’m going to go to a ‘Salaam Celebration’ evaluation meeting at TNAGW next Tuesday so seeing how they have done a festival already will give me a better idea of what I’m going to be doing.

Salaam Celebration Flyer
Salaam Celebration Flyer

I met ‘A Colourful Crowd’ too! It’s a group of 19-21 year olds who are organising a show called ‘One Hundred and Onesies.’ They’re in the locking-it-down phase as it starts in a month and they’re getting out promotion soon. It’s a great opportunity they’ve got. Apparently they met Sue Beardsmore the other week to get speaking tips! Young people are where you can hit funding as well. It’s a great thing to do and it totally fits TNAGW’s mission statement and funding is a good by-product. It made me think that August is not that far away! It’ll be great to go to their meeting next week to see their process, too, and how they’ve progressed with all their wicked ideas!


Traditional Arts Team – Digital Comms intern!


This week my internship work took a very positive change of direction. I emailed Graham the list of suggestions relating to what I wanted to get out of my internship. It was a great way for me to assess my “experience gaps” and decide how best to approach the internship.

Here is the list I came up with:

I think the most useful thing would be to populate my experience gaps so:

– Working on the Website – uploading info/pictures, writing copy

– Writing articles/reviews for Folk Monthly

– Creating graphics for events

– Helping to plan the pop-up storytelling

– Shadowing the planning process for Martineau Gardens Storytelling Fest

– Conducting an interview with different team members to see how they are involved in MGSF

Some of those tasks would relate well to my research topics

– Research in Practice = Blog

– Managing Events and Projects = Developing my own Martineau Gardens Festival Event Plan

Having emailed a list of things I could do, I have been assigned some tasks so I can now really go in there and get stuck into a job which I know how to do, which allows me to use my initiative and not have to ask what I should do all the time. I hate having to do that. I love having a task to complete and to be able to get into the flow of that work without worrying that I will have finished really soon and will have to keep bothering someone for jobs to do.

Graham and I talked about me updating events on the website and social media and, if I go in on Wednesdays, then Dave (who helps out at Traditional Arts Team on Wednesdays) can give me more guidance on that score. Dave usually uploads events information onto different events websites monthly, along with accounting and other tasks. My help means I would free up Pam/Graham/Dave’s time. Online work is also something which I can do whenever, from home, so I could get a bit more work done online, without having to go to the workplace. I don’t mind going there. It’s close, but it means I can do things wherever I am or, if I’ve got to go to lectures, I can do this in those time-gaps in-between. An internship really has to be mutually beneficial to work well.

Handwritten Reflective Journal [Electronic version]

4.2.14 (Part One)

This was when I really began to “plunge.” I looked at a couple of uninspiring journals on research as a story or narrative and then I researched different art groups in Birmingham to find an internship. I had left it a bit late to look for an internship. It got to the point where, I’ll admit, I was stressed out. Other people in my class already had internships with really cool companies so I increased my search. I researched and visited Art galleries. I queried events on the phone just so I could talk to administrators who might know about internships. I had Afternoon Tea and a tour at the Ikon Gallery and went to a lecture at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts. I emailed New Art Gallery, Walsall, Guthrie and Ghani and Craftspace. I called Kaos Arts who then gave me the number for Friction Arts. I had not realised that before I started my little campaign to get an internship, I was nervous to pick up the phone to any organisations. I used to be an administrator in France and spoke to many different people, daily, in French and English. I was a bit embarrassed that I was so out of practice. So it definitely shook the cobwebs away. At least being able to say, “I’m studying Arts and Project Management at BCU” gave more onus to my enquiries. I have found, though, that having a one-to-one chat over the phone can get you more answers or lines of inquiry than just sending an email or a tweet. After a chat with some students on my course I realised how useful Twitter could be to my search.

I learned what the @ sign means (!) and started hash tagging everything that moved. I tweeted Birmingham Storytelling Café, I tweeted events I’d seen or attended at Ort Gallery and Café, I tweeted, Arts-wise, about where I’d been and where I was going. This all gave me a great excuse to see all the Arts in Birmingham. Not that I needed an excuse but I didn’t mind going on my own if I had to do it for University, no that that ever stopped me. In fact, some of the people on my course went to events I put into a BCU Masters Facebook Group I started up. I started going to an art class at the Ort. I still go there and the tea only costs 50p! The community vibe is great and it’s just the sort of Arts venue I love and I could imagine putting events on at that venue. (In retrospect I have now helped to organise an event there).

After a while I got some responses to inquiry emails; filled out some application forms, replied to some tweets and attended a networking event for the Arts at the Library of Birmingham. Although I had wanted to apply for a paid internship at The Rep and other opportunities at Sampad and Craftspace I had already agreed to work with two enthusiastic organisations by that week. I met with the Traditional Arts Team in Kings Heath to discuss opportunities. In the same week Zoe Renilson, Head of Education at New Art Gallery, Walsall, got in touch with me about an application so we met at the gallery. Both of these meetings had started with a vague notion that they might be able to give me a little bit of work experience which slowly, during the meeting, became “oh well, actually you could do this and this and this.” This was brilliant. The New Art Gallery, Walsall would allow me to develop my interests in Education, Events Management and working with children. The Traditional Arts Team is developing my performance skills as a Storyteller and both have this great idea of community and what their organisation should be for their community, be that the Traditional Arts community or the social community around Walsall. I am slowly realising the importance of the Arts involving people and encouraging the idea of having fun while you’re living and how not everything is about money. Finance is important and, with government cuts, an issue which can’t be avoided but the organisations’ creative missions are the main goal.

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