Folk tales and gigs Meetup – Brew Dog, Birmingham

meetup imagesI had 5 people at my Meetup! Record! We went to BrewDog and heard Green Man Rising, amongst others. The variety of real ale they have is great. Some of the ale is 18% which is mental. but they put it in 25ml glasses so not so bad! The illustrations on the walls are really funky. There is a secret place under the stairs, ok not so secret, but comfy hidden-away leather sofas for a good old chat. Nice.

DSC_0651The girls’ toilets evidently have to be more intellectual than the boys’ toilets’ “A history of beer” (a source told me about the history of beer. Promise I didn’t venture in!



Handwritten Reflective Journal [Electronic version]

4.2.14 (Part Two)

I took on board the information given to me by Graham, queried a few details about the story and wrote copy for the website this week. This ‘Hand to Mouth’ storytelling event happened at Ort Gallery and Café.

My web copy on the Traditional Arts Team Website
My web copy on the Traditional Arts Team Website
Hand to Mouth storytelling poster designed by Graham Higgins
Hand to Mouth storytelling poster designed by Graham Higgins

I started working with Graham Langley and some students at Bournville College. We are learning how to tell stories. This education programme is a great way for students to develop confidence, public speaking skills and have fun through telling stories. Graham told us a funny story and we re-enacted it in a performance tableau. We have been writing “story maps” which plot the story and describe emotions at each point of the story. The stories we’ve been telling have about 10 plot points which can be mapped out. This is a really helpful way of remembering the stories.

As an intern it has been useful to shadow Graham in different workshops and events. I am learning the ethos of the company along with what they actually do. This will all be useful when I want to market the product to our target audiences. I have also attended Tales and Ales at the Prince of Wales. To tell a tales at this event is my target at the moment. There are only a few people sitting in the cocktail room with ale and a fire, but my memory is not very good, so we’ll see how that goes. I have been researching different folktales I would like to use; Hans Christian Anderson, Jewish folktales and French ‘contes et légendes’ are my top choices! I think the skills I will learn through the storytelling are ones I can use in volunteering at Mary Arden’s Farm – I would love to tell Shakespeare stories to the kids in a powerful or entertaining way.