My kind of Art

I left a tutorial at the fancypants uni building that is Parkside@BCU. I say it’s fancypants but the real attraction was a luscious expanse of lawn and the buzz of happy students playing football and skateboarding in the sunshine.

I was curious about a small, free Thinktank garden there. From afar it just looked fun. There was a giant marble run! I saw a kid having a go and I thought, “I want to play!” For about 25 minutes I was engaged with playing with the machines and discovering what they did. This random child took it upon himself to instruct me on how to use the equipment. It was all water and dynamos (not sure on the spelling of that one tbh).

Balancing balls @BCU
Balancing balls @BCU

Marble run @BCU
Marble run @BCU

A group of students were using the water-squirter to splash passers-by so I was deliriously happy when I left the garden to walk past where they had been squirting and I walked just out of range. I did what any self-respecting child would do: stuck my tongue out at them and flapped my hands at the sides my head and jumped about *insert evil laugh here*

The sun does make the day shine brighter 🙂


Scout evening plan – Pancake Day

scout logo

I am a Scout Leader in Worcestershire and thought I’d start uploading some Scout Troop Night plans. This is a night that worked really well. We had a troop of 12 Scouts but it could work well for 20.