Is this the ghost of Dudley Castle?

Ooh spooky!


PIC BY AMY HARPER / CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED: The ghostly figure in the castle) - A chilling figure of a ghostly woman in grey has been caught on camera on a day trip to a castle. Amy Harper, from Birmingham, West Mids snapped a selection of pictures of the Sharington Range Tudor palace, while visting Dudley Castle, but couldnt believe it when she spotted a ghostly figure of a woman in one of the archways. Amy, who took the spooky snap on her Samsung Galaxy camera phone, believes the blurred figure of a woman she caught on camera could be that of a ghost called the Grey Lady, who has haunted the castle for centuries. SEE CATERS COPY. The Grey Lady has supposedly haunted the castle for centuries (Picture: Caters)

A woman says she is now ‘a believer’ after spotting a ghostly figure in a photograph taken at Dudley Castle.

Amy Harper, from Birmingham, West Midlands, took several pictures on her Samsung Galaxy camera phone while visiting the Norman castle with her husband, Dean, and three children.

However, it wasn’t until the 28-year-old returned home and looked more closely at the pictures that she spotted a grey and ghostly figure standing in one of the archways.

‘The picture is really spooky. I was shocked when I looked back and could clearly see the ghostly figure,’ said Mrs Harper.

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‘Dean’s a believer…

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