Scout Camp Preparation Night


Game: Crab football

Exactly like normal football but their feet and hands must be on the floor at all times (bums will get dirty!). N.B. Pretty sure some of my Scouts don’t know what the “Offside Rule” is either – Guess that’s just a rite of passage 🙂

Images I found during a trawl of the internet about the offside rule.


Now, as a female Scout leader, this picture is a joke I really expect to hear at some point from the male Scout leaders – some form of BINGO is probably called for… Sure I give as good as I get 🙂



The Scouts are going on Scout Camp next weekend. Here are some ideas of ways you can prepare your newbie Scouts.

Any of these things can be done as a competition: Who is the fastest?

– Get the Scouts to put up tents in the Scout hut (in teams of 2/3).

– Get them to put down the tents

– Get them to open up a Trangia and put it back together again – then they can do it blindfolded.


– Get the Scouts to cook sausages (or anything else – they could do a full meal if they wanted) in the trangia (bring ketchup & plates & cutlery & oil & sausages)

– Get the older Scouts to tell the younger Scouts how to use and tidy up the trangia.

– Food health – When is a sausage cooked? Safety with cooking oil

– Health and Safety with meths – how to get it out of the bottle, how much to use, putting out the meths burner.

– Fire Safety – keeping neckies out of the way of the fire, lowering the heat, not leaving fire unattended

Conclusion: If they’re anything like my Scouts, your Scouts will learn how to teach the other Scouts how to do things, have great fun, get full on sausages, get a bit too overexcited, have to be told not to play Quidditch in the hall with the brooms during tidying up (one of them almost Stupefied Ben!) and fall about in fits of laughter when they’re being taught how to “get fell in” and stand at ease correctly (something about putting your left leg in and your left leg out). Sure we’ll have them eating out of the palms of our hands by the time they go up to Explorers. LOL.


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