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So I whittled it down to just a few questions in the end, having looked back at my research proposal notes and tried to focus my trajectory so that I gain some interesting research. I am reading a Hein paper on Constructivism and I want to get two books on Thursday when I’m in town, (Smith, Deborah, The New Art Gallery Walsall (London, Batsford 2002)) and (McGregor, Sheila; A shared vision: the Garman Ryan collection at the New Art Gallery, Walsall(London, Merrell Holberton, 1999)) which I didn’t find before when I searched New Art Gallery Walsall in the library catalogue.

The New Art Gallery Walsall
The New Art Gallery Walsall

This always seems to happen, I find books which are really pertinent halfway through my reading research when I go back to the start and think through what my focus is before I go into the more critical writing.

nagw shared vision
A Shared vision – The Garman-Ryan Collection at The New Art Gallery Walsall

I suppose this reflective journaling is different in a way because it’s not like I’m going to pool all this knowledge into one places. It’s come out in my blog like a string of sausages. The evaluation part will probably be at the end, though, so the end sausages will have venison and fancy interesting bits in (I hope!).



I hope you are well.

As I am not seeing you for a while would you be able to answer some of these questions for me? They might seem a bit random but I think they’d really help me to make some decisions as to where my research is going and my deadline is 22nd April so I’m trying to make some headway.

I understand you may be busy but any brief answers, links or suggestions regarding these ideas would be really useful to me.

–          How do you see your own development within the Art Gallery? Would you consider yourself as a reflective practitioner? If so, why is that important to your work? Would you say that your theoretical context lies in constructivism or with any specific theorists?

–          How do you adhere to New Art Gallery, Walsall’s mission statement? Do you have any examples of how you might adhere to the ethos of the art gallery? Does your event plan come first or does what needs to be done for the gallery (and its future ambitions) or for the local community have more weight?

–          How do you find working in one venue (as opposed to running events in different venues)?

–          Do you think the way New Art Gallery, Walsall, runs is similar to any other galleries or wants to follow the practice of any other galleries? If so, what galleries and in what ways?

–          How does the space you work in evoke different emotions/habits from other places you have worked in?

–          What are the most important things which you consider when planning an event at the gallery?

– Does New Art Gallery, Walsall have an outreach programme? If so, do you find this more/less useful than children coming in to the gallery to learn?

Any responses would be greatly appreciated!

Kind regards,



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