Busy busy bee

I have been so busy! My schedule has been really packed because I’m constantly saying, “yes,” to things and organising exciting things to do. I’m constantly reaching for that new experience, but I need to put into practice the idea that I should focus on one thing rather than scattering my attention doing many things.

I felt a bit guilty that I was glad that Zoe (from NAGW) had pushed our meeting from the 14th March to the 9th April, because being a student, and having this title of “Arts and Project Manager,” I feel like I have given myself permission to try different and new venues and to think about the future whilst I’m studying. Where would I like to work? Who can I tweet to find new opportunities? So I’ve been packing my schedule with socialising/networking, checking out different venues and music, such as folk music which I like, (I had not experienced the folk music scene expansively until I started interning with Traditional Arts Team. There’s so much going on in town that it makes me want to gorge on it, to pack it all in and to make the most of it whilst I have the time. Maybe that’s just a distraction at the moment… The time for planning our end of year show (for BIAD) is soon and I want to be part of the fundraising but I don’t want to let people down by saying I’ll do something and then not have enough time to help to the fullness of my capacity because I have already committed to other volunteer/interning opportunities with other Arts or Youth organisations. I know that’s all part of Arts and Project Management. I want to do everything but I need to make some choices now which will affect my unpaid professional life this year. I need to free up my time so I have enough time to sit down and focus on writing my essays and reflecting on my practice.

Sugarmama @ The Sunflower Lounge
Sugarmama @ The Sunflower Lounge

I have agreed to learn how to tell stories with Traditional Arts Team and I enjoy that experience but learning how to tell needs time for success, as Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours of practice suggests. I feel that I need more time to practice, to prepare and to have a good effect on an audience to succeed and be proud of my performance. It’s a different kind of work which involves crossing a confidence barrier. I like telling stories to friends but I wonder about my effectiveness as a storyteller and I feel like that issue takes priority (in my mind and my work), where it shouldn’t maybe take priority, over learning how to plan events but I feel I’ve been swept along with it, with Graham’s enthusiasm. I am finding it hard to resolve both the storytelling and the Arts Administration/Planning upon which I wish to be more focused.

PGL logo
PGL logo

When I worked for PGL, the ACM said I should meet my own personal deadlines (at work) before I help others. Although my intentions were good, I would get behind. I need to use alternative solutions for facilitating other people and showing enthusiasm. The idea that choosing not to get involved might end any opportunity is worrying, I never want to miss a potential interaction but I am aware how any interaction has an effect. If that interaction were substandard, due to a lack of preparation or focus, then the quality of that interaction might degrade any present or future connection, be that as an individual or as representing an organisation.

My tutor has put it down to two simple words, Time management. Maybe I should write a Gantt Chart for my life!


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