Traditional Arts Team – Digital Comms intern!


This week my internship work took a very positive change of direction. I emailed Graham the list of suggestions relating to what I wanted to get out of my internship. It was a great way for me to assess my “experience gaps” and decide how best to approach the internship.

Here is the list I came up with:

I think the most useful thing would be to populate my experience gaps so:

– Working on the Website – uploading info/pictures, writing copy

– Writing articles/reviews for Folk Monthly

– Creating graphics for events

– Helping to plan the pop-up storytelling

– Shadowing the planning process for Martineau Gardens Storytelling Fest

– Conducting an interview with different team members to see how they are involved in MGSF

Some of those tasks would relate well to my research topics

– Research in Practice = Blog

– Managing Events and Projects = Developing my own Martineau Gardens Festival Event Plan

Having emailed a list of things I could do, I have been assigned some tasks so I can now really go in there and get stuck into a job which I know how to do, which allows me to use my initiative and not have to ask what I should do all the time. I hate having to do that. I love having a task to complete and to be able to get into the flow of that work without worrying that I will have finished really soon and will have to keep bothering someone for jobs to do.

Graham and I talked about me updating events on the website and social media and, if I go in on Wednesdays, then Dave (who helps out at Traditional Arts Team on Wednesdays) can give me more guidance on that score. Dave usually uploads events information onto different events websites monthly, along with accounting and other tasks. My help means I would free up Pam/Graham/Dave’s time. Online work is also something which I can do whenever, from home, so I could get a bit more work done online, without having to go to the workplace. I don’t mind going there. It’s close, but it means I can do things wherever I am or, if I’ve got to go to lectures, I can do this in those time-gaps in-between. An internship really has to be mutually beneficial to work well.


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