What the folk? Plugging my Meetup group!

meetup images

Meet Up is a free social media site which allows people to choose a Group to attend. I, for example, speak French, so I’ve joined a French Meetup and I meet people from Birmingham of all different ages and there’s usually someone cool to chat in French with or watch French films with. There are all different things you can do in a group which is nice.

After a year or so of going to Meetups, I thought I’d give it a punt! I now run a Meetup group called “Folk tales and gigs in Birmingham” at http://www.meetup.com/Folk-tales-and-gigs-in-Birmingham/ . I pay £10/month to have a page on the site and I organise Meetups at gigs, festivals, storytelling gigs and live music events in the West Midlands and surrounding areas. I tend to choose venues like BrewDog, The Spotted Dog, The Hare and Hounds, The Ort Café and Gallery, The Prince of Wales and loads of other places. I’m open to suggestions so do pop along and see what we’re about one of the days!

Anyone can check it out online and join on http://www.Meetup.com and come to our sociable, friendly folk meets!


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